“Is that to say we are against Free Trade? No, we are for Free Trade, because by Free Trade all economical laws, with their most astounding contradictions, will act upon a larger scale, upon the territory of the whole earth; and because from the uniting of all these contradictions in a single group, where they will stand face to face, will result the struggle which will itself eventuate in the emancipation of the proletariat.”

Karl Heinrich Marx

Marx-Engels Collected Works, Vol. VI, p. 290.

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ISAdORE NABI A. INTRODUCCIÓN (North, 1990, pág. 107) señala que las instituciones son “(…) son el determinante subyacente del desempeño a largo plazo de las economías.” Por consiguiente, (North, 1990, pág. 107) plantea que una teoría dinámica de cambio de la sociedad debe partir de un modelo de cambio institucional. Sin embargo, en el mismo…

Special relativity and Middle-Earth

This post is an unofficial sequel to one of my first blog posts from 2007, which was entitled “Quantum mechanics and Tomb Raider“. One of the oldest and most famous allegories is Plato’s allegory of the cave. This allegory centers around a group of people chained to a wall in a cave that cannot see…

What is Minkowski’s Representation Theorem?

Minkowski’s representation theorem is a fundamental result on how polyhedra can be represented. Preliminary definitions In , a polyhedron is a set which can be described as , where and . is an extreme point of a polyhedron if there do not exist such that . is a ray of a polyhedron if is non-zero…