Special relativity and Middle-Earth

This post is an unofficial sequel to one of my first blog posts from 2007, which was entitled “Quantum mechanics and Tomb Raider“. One of the oldest and most famous allegories is Plato’s allegory of the cave. This allegory centers around a group of people chained to a wall in a cave that cannot see […]

Special relativity and Middle-Earth

What is Minkowski’s Representation Theorem?

Minkowski’s representation theorem is a fundamental result on how polyhedra can be represented. Preliminary definitions In , a polyhedron is a set which can be described as , where and . is an extreme point of a polyhedron if there do not exist such that . is a ray of a polyhedron if is non-zero […]

What is Minkowski’s Representation Theorem?

Low to Moderate Stress Is Good for You

Source:University of Georgia The holidays are a stressful time for many, but that may not be a bad thing when it comes to your brain functioning, according to new research from the Youth Development Institute at the University of Georgia. The study found that low to moderate levels of stress improve working memory, the short-term information people […]

Low to Moderate Stress Is Good for You

Top 10 of 2022

2022 was a big year for Age of Revolutions. To wrap up the year, we thought we would draw your attention to the top 10 most read pieces published in 2022, as well as the top 10 most revisited pieces published from 2015 to 2021. Both lists are below. Top 10 Most Read Pieces Published […]

Top 10 of 2022

Forecast 2023: the impending slump

At the end of every year, I attempt to make a forecast on what will happen in the world economy in the next year.  Of course, forecasts are wrapped in error, given the many variables involved that drive economies.  Weather forecasts are still difficult to make and here meteorologists are dealing with physical events and […]

Forecast 2023: the impending slump

Eyes Offer a Window Into the Mystery of Human Consciousness

Source:Yale Since he was a kid Hal Blumenfeld has wondered about the nature of human consciousness. “It’s what makes us human and makes life worthwhile,” said Blumenfeld, now the Mark Loughridge and Michele Williams Professor of Neurology at Yale. “And it’s still a mystery of modern science.” In a recent study, Blumenfeld and a team […]

Eyes Offer a Window Into the Mystery of Human Consciousness

How ‘Me-Time’ Affects Social Interaction

Source:University at Buffalo Although many emerging adults find social interactions enjoyable on days with increased time alone, those who seek solitude as an escape from stress or unpleasant social circumstances may not, according to the results of a new study by University at Buffalo researchers. Previous research suggests that spending too much time alone is associated with […]

How ‘Me-Time’ Affects Social Interaction

How autistic people were failed during the Covid-19 pandemic in Britain

Autistic people disproportionately suffered during the COVID-19 pandemic – and this was no different for the 700,000 people in Britain with the condition.

How autistic people were failed during the Covid-19 pandemic in Britain

Chips: the new arms race

On December 6, US president Joe Biden joined Morris Chang, founder of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) in Arizona for a symbolic “tool-in” ceremony to mark the latest step in the chipmaker’s investment in a new factory in the US.  TSMC is tripling its previously planned investment at its new Arizona plant to $40 billion, […]

Chips: the new arms race

Optimality condition for Euclidean projection onto a convex polytope

Let be a set of points in , and let denote the convex hull of . We are often interested in finding the point in that is nearest to some reference point , known as the Euclidean projection onto . Let’s denote this point by . Optimality condition for when Wolfe (1976) (Reference 1) provides […]

Optimality condition for Euclidean projection onto a convex polytope