Draft position for players in the NBA for the 2020-21 season

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Statistical Odds & Ends

When the 2022 NBA draft happened almost a month ago, I thought to myself: do players picked earlier in the draft (i.e. higher-ranked) actually end up having better/longer careers?

If data wasn’t an issue, the way I would do it would be to look at players chosen in the draft lottery (top 60 picks) in the past 10/20 years. For each player, I would look at how many years he played in the NBA and see if there was a correlation between that and draft position. (Here, number of years in the NBA is a proxy for how successful an NBA career is. There are other possible ways to define success, e.g. minutes played, points scored.)

Unfortunately data is an issue, so I ended up looking at a related question: What are the draft positions of players currently in the NBA? If players picked earlier in the draft are more…

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