Gustavo Petro and the Civic – Military Campaigns

Gearóid Ó Loingsigh looks at the new government in Colombia and how it talks of peace while increasing militarisation The Petro–Márquez government is one which proposes to bring us to what they term Total Peace.  The term and the proposal as such have been subjected to justifiable criticism, not least because it places the insurgency […]

Gustavo Petro and the Civic – Military Campaigns

Ep. 54: Cooperation & Resistance

“With deadly accuracy, a Canas swingman hurls stones the size of golf balls. The Incas used such weapons in imperial conquest and in defense against the Spaniards- The Lost History of the Incas In this episode we see how killing Atahualpa didn’t necessarily have the desired affect the Spanish had hoped for.  We also take […]

Ep. 54: Cooperation & Resistance