China: Xi’s third term – part 3: chips, dual circulation and imperialism

Even as Xi Jinping was promising China’s Communist Party’s national congress that China would “resolutely win the battle” in key areas of technology, employees of technology companies in China and elsewhere were being told to down tools. Dozens of the hundreds of executives and engineers with US citizenship or green cards who work in or with […]

China: Xi’s third term – part 3: chips, dual circulation and imperialism

Why has the Polish government raised the German war reparations issue?

Poland’s right-wing ruling party is using the war reparations issue to undermine Germany’s moral narrative that it has come to terms with its Nazi past, and attack the liberal-centrist opposition for allegedly colluding with foreign powers to undermine the Polish government ahead of next year’s parliamentary election.

Why has the Polish government raised the German war reparations issue?

Colonias, semicolonias, países dependientes

A raíz de las notas sobre la guerra en Ucrania me han preguntado por la diferencia, establecida por Lenin, entre colonia, semicolonia y país dependiente. Dedico esta entrada a esta cuestión, que está vinculada a la problemática de la llamada liberación nacional (lo he tratado también en Economía Política de la dependencia y el subdesarrollo, […]

Colonias, semicolonias, países dependientes

Ukraine-Russia: like an earthquake

“The war in Ukraine is like a powerful earthquake that will have ripple effects throughout the global economy, especially in poor countries”.  That’s how IMF chief Kristalina Georgieva described the impact of the war on the world economy.  Nobody can be sure of the magnitude of this quake but even on the most optimistic view, […]

Ukraine-Russia: like an earthquake

El botín de guerra: el comercio multimillonario de heroína en Afganistán

Alejandro Valle Baeza

La agenda oculta de Joe Biden en Afganistán: mantener el tráfico de drogas

Por Prof Michel Chossudovsky

Global Research, August 17, 2021

Global Research 14 June 2005

El artículo siguiente se publicó por primera vez en 2005. A continuación se muestra una actualización detallada seguida del artículo original de 2005.

Nota del autor yactualización

La crisis de los opioides en Estados Unidos, definida en términos generales, guarda relación con la exportación de heroína desde Afganistán. ¿Cómo se verá afectado este comercio multimillonario (que hasta hace poco estaba protegido por las fuerzas estadounidenses) por la retirada de las tropas estadounidenses de Afganistán? Las empresas mercenarias privadas también participan en el apoyo al comercio del opio. La retirada de Estados Unidos ha sido objeto de amplias negociaciones entre Estados Unidos y la OTAN y los talibanes. Se firmó un acuerdo en Doha a fines de febrero de 2020 al comienzo de…

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The Struggles of Cuba’s Black Soldiers in an Age of Imperial Wars

Age of Revolutions

By Elena Schneider

Schneider_Occupation_9781469645353_FCYou can start a book project thinking it is about one thing, but then realize in the writing that it is actually about another. When—way too many years ago—I began my study of the British invasion and occupation of Havana at the end of the Seven Years’ War, I thought I was writing a story about empires. The book would chart the clash between two competing imperial systems—their similarities and differences, convergences and divides—during a dynamic moment of imperial rivalry and reform. I was writing a book about empires, and I still did to a large extent, but when I immersed myself in the archives, I began to see that the protagonists of this battle were not those that I expected. Written all over eyewitness reports of the fighting in Havana were accounts of the critical role played by free and enslaved people of African descent. Their…

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